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Ami Lin Gilbert

Intuitive Divine Light Healer

Licensed Massage Therapist

Health & Wellness Coach

I have been studying natural medicine and massage for over 25 years. I passionately believe what comes from nature can be cured by nature and that balance is the key to longevity.


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I knew the first time I met Ami Lin that she was something special, with a wonderful pair of hands and knowledge of her craft. But more that just her expert massage techniques, it was her empathy and ability to treat the person as a whole; physically and spiritually.

- C.S.


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Ami Lin is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever gone to. Not only is she well-trained in various massage and stretching techniques from around the world, she is also extremely professional, super personable, tremendously passionate about her craft, and a pleasure to be around.  When I am done with a session I always feel the same way-that I do not want it to end!  I am so thankful and fortunate to have found Ami Lin, and I look forward to seeing her each week.

- Stacey K.

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I met Ami Lin when I was having terrible issues with my health. She got me through so much helping me with my health and making me better. Now I see her as a wellness coach and a massage therapist because she is excellent at both. Anyone who knows her or meets her will know how very special she is.

- Ellen M.


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